Enjoy the Season

     “Did you make it official?” He “popped the question”. “I’m spoken for”. You did get the “ring by spring”! “You are going to take the plunge, are you?”. “It’s a match made in Heaven”. “The happy couple” will soon “tie the knot” and “jump the broom”.
     Regardless of how  you become engaged and the words you use to announce the big news, the happy event brings joy to many people. Some newly engaged persons may wander around in a euphoric fog wearing rose coloured glasses. Others may still manage to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, despite the singing of their heart. At some point, the planning for the big day commences in earnest and the couple spend countless hours together dreaming and preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime-event. They picture who will be there to celebrate with them, what they will say to each other, the feel they want their wedding to have. Beyond this, they look into the future and imagine the wonderful life they will share. The time tests them and strengthens them. They learn to work through differences of opinion and serve each other. It is a priceless gift to be enjoyed to the hilt.
    So, for those who are engaged, embrace the season, with its joys and its stresses! Gather around you people who can love and support you. Prioritize the areas of the wedding and surrounding events that are important to you. Decide if you want help planning or coordinating the event to help create the vision that you have and ease the frantic pace and endless decision-making. Remember to take time with your honey and put wedding details aside to remember why you are choosing each other. You will reach the finish line and find that everything was worth it to share this joy with the most important person in your life and all your friends and family.
     Congratulations on this step into an amazing new life!  

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