Mother of the Bride

     I love how the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom are escorted to their seats by ushers, usually their sons. It is a beautiful mark of respect and recognition for the love and dedication given by mothers to their children. Mothers (and fathers) lead the way for their children in life as in a wedding procession.
      Perhaps this is why, overwhelmingly, the most frequently posted picture I’ve seen in honor of Mother’s Day on Facebook is the daughter standing with her mother on the day of the daughter’s marriage. There is something unforgettable about the joy of sharing with the woman who has shown you what it means to grow up into a beautiful, intelligent, and strong woman yourself the day you are united with your soul mate to establish your own family. She models most of the hats that you will wear yourself- wife, mother, business woman, aunt, grandmother, all extensions of who you are as a woman.
      I realize that we may not all be so fortunate as to have a biological mother who has always guided us and encouraged us, but nearly all of us have a woman who has taken that role in our lives. They show us what it means to love, to give, to stand firmly on what is good and true, to extend grace, to enjoy life, to pour ourselves out in glad devotion and abandon to those we care about. We are forever grateful for their good example of how to live and for the privilege, as grown women ourselves, of coming to know them as the beautiful women they are.




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