Is it Possible to have a Wedding without Financial Woes?

Let’s face it-weddings and events cost money! The question is, can you have a great wedding or event without breaking your bank and going into major debt? The answer is yes, it is possible!  The follow-up questions are , will you work within your budget and are your expectations realistic for your budget?

I’ve seen some beautiful weddings that were low cost and yet perfect for the couple getting married.  And I’ve been part of some high dollar, extravagant affairs that were designed for the couple and exquisitely well-suited. The key is to decide what is most important to you for your day and also what you can do without. Tailoring the details to fit you as a couple will define where you should put your money.

Start saving for your wedding as soon as possible.  Even $100-$200 each month can make a difference to having money on hand when you need it.  Redirecting your money to a wedding account in place of eating out, buying a CD, or going to a movie can give you the cash for deposits and other items.  Do your research if you have the time or desire. Check your local library for books or online for information.  Ask friends and family for recommendations.  This is also where bridal consultants come in handy.  Many people think bridal consultants and wedding coordinators are an added expense. However, in many cases they can get discounts with caterers, florists, photographers, and venues that cover or exceed the investment of hiring them.  Plus, you have the added benefit of less stress and responsibility because your consultant does the legwork and reports the findings to you.  Bridal consultants can also help you plan and define your budget if you don’t have one.

Weddings and family events are joyous celebrations. Include relatives and friends who want to help by giving them a special task.  When appropriate, ask to borrow specific items, or ask others to purchase a particular item for your ceremony and reception.  Many people want to be a blessing, but don’t know what you need or desire.  Knowing what is important to you as a couple and having a wedding budget will allow you to communicate clearly how others can assist.  This can free up your budget or give you some added delights.

For more information or to schedule a budget consultation, contact us at or P.O. Box 32102, Knoxville, TN 27930.

Happy Planning!



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