It’s Beginning to Look a lot like…Weddings! Oh My!

We are in the height of Wedding Season, both attending and planning them. When you are pulled in many directions, it can be frustrating. Between planning your wedding and preparing for the BIG DAY come many details that can be overwhelming. Wherever you are in the process, let us encourage you to do some simple things that will make the journey a little more manageable.

First, take a deep breath! Let it go. Do it again. Now again. SMILE!
Think about why you are getting married to this fabulous, wonderful person. Focus on your relationship as a couple. Take time to spend with one another at least once every week to week-and-a-half during which you do something unrelated to your wedding. Take a hike, see a movie, have dinner at your favorite restaurant. What are the things you like to do together? Book in date times to do those things. These dates have no time parameters. They can range from 20 minutes to several hours. And remember, NO talking about the wedding!

Second, take time for you as a person. Even if it is just twice a week, do something that you enjoy and that makes you feel happy. Exercise, get a manicure or new haircut, take a nap, read a great book (or part of it), do something creative like painting, cooking, or gardening. The idea is to do something for yourself that will rejuvenate you. Again, there are no time limits–it’s amazing what 15-20 minutes of the right activity can do to restore you.

Next, spend time with people who are encouraging and uplifting. People, with whom you leave refreshed and have a relaxing atmosphere, can make an huge difference in your week. If you prefer, invite that person to your place.

Do something to encourage someone else. Make or buy a card, write a quick note, and send it to someone who comes to mind that you enjoy or might need a caring heart. Bake a batch of cookies for your neighbor or coworkers. Give flowers or a care package to someone. Reaching out to make others feel important to us is a great way to decrease our stress and make us feel better.

Don’t have time to do all this? Choose from the above and try 1 or 2 of them for a few weeks. See if it helps you focus better and makes what time you do have more productive. I think you will see a big difference. As always, we are here to help as well. Are you unsure how to create a schedule or do you want help planning? Give us a call at (865)771-7771. We will be happy to schedule a consultation with you.



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