Bring Indoors Outdoors with Rustic Chic

We recently had the pleasure to attend the wedding of a dear young couple in our church, Josh and Katherine. The celebration took place on a lovely property that included a flat, grassy glade and barn. The families of the bride and groom handled many of the details for the wedding, including the making of the wedding dress and the décor. Their style, which could be described as rustic chic, suited them so well. We think the result is charming. The couple took items one would normally see inside, such a doors, curtains, and chandeliers, and grouped them to give a nod toward outside living spaces. Take a look at these photos!




This little indoor-brought-outdoor grouping was near the guestbook, welcoming guests to the wedding.



The groom constructed this door. The bride’s friend, Samantha Morfield who is an art major at Western Carolina University, painted the phrase above the door. The attendants passed through it and then the curtains fell together for the bride to take her place. Friends drew them aside for Katherine’s grand entrance with her father. It was a beautiful adaptation of a bride’s traditional double-door entrance.




As part of the décor, the bride’s family and friends placed lanterns on either side of the bride and groom during the ceremony. From these were hung cast iron chandeliers with flowers and strung with pearls and crystals.



The entryways into the reception, which was held inside the barn, was softened by curtains and more cast iron chandeliers.



It’s a sweet touch to have engagement photos behind the sweetheart table.



Photo Oct 22, 7 06 31 PM

The bride’s exquisite semi-formal dress was designed and hand-made by her friend, Meeghan Carroll. It was a strapless, sweatheart neckline lace dress with light ruching on the waist. Below a knot of flowers the lace parted to reveal a panel of crushed tulle. Surrounded by loving family and friends, Katherine looked radiant and Josh positively beamed throughout the entire celebration.



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