Artist Cameo


     We recently had the pleasure to see one of our favorite local artists in Knoxville, Sheila Atchley. Her art was featured in the Whittington Creek Art Show alongside other artwork by talented artists.

     Sheila has a distinctive style that makes it easy to recognize one of her pieces. She often uses vintage materials, such as pages from hymnals, in creating her mixed media. Charcoal, watercolors, pastels, and acrylics are a few of the media she uses in creating her art. The painted artwork she creates have several layers, each with significance through the text and pieces she uses and, yet, there is a stunning simplicity about the finished whole. Her own life experience contributes to the depth of emotion and eloquence in her art. On her blog,, Sheila describes herself as a “Preacher’s wife (in full time ministry since 1993) and certified professional life coach, Jesus Freak, grace-girl, artist, speaker, writer, proud mother of four grown-ups…and an obnoxiously proud grandmommy of three (so far)…” 

Here are a few of her inspiring pieces: 





     Sheila has opened lines in the area of jewelry, with new designs this Fall. She hand-makes necklaces with pendants of her mixed media designs and complements them with beads, pearls, and even pieces from antique jewelry.


     Her leather and cubic zirconia rings are stunning and she has several styles from which to choose. The leather bracelets embossed with words or phrases have become very popular among her clientele. 

     We have certainly been smitten with a recent design a bride used as gifts for her entourage. Each necklace, like the one pictured below, had the first initial of the bridesmaid. Included with her signature packaging of a cream box with twine and a rolled up hymn sheet was a card giving the meaning of the bridesmaid’s names. The necklaces suited the dresses the bride had chosen beautifully, but had significance and versatility beyond the wedding day. Brides looking for affordable, yet meaningful gifts for their bridesmaids may enjoy looking through her collections.



     If you are looking for a gift for a bride or a couple, she does accept commissions. Also, check out her consultation package where she offers a personalized piece of art based on a life coach consultation. She is a certified life coach. If you’ve not heard about life coaching, read Sheila’s definition of what she does. To see more of her artwork check out her blog and online store.


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