Dear Readers,

We are bursting at the seams to tell some pretty incredible news! Boy, oh boy, do we have a treat for you. It’s a huge blessing and you will be direct recipients.

Owner and wedding planner, Kate, has the rare opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling. (Don’t worry, she still plans on being a vital part of this business and you will continue to see frequent posts from her.) She will be touring throughout several parts of Europe for the next 6 months. Oh, the lure of the Northern Lights in Finland; Tulips in Holland during April; the Eiffel Tower, Seine River, and Louvre in Paris; Venice and the Sistine Chapel in Italy; Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace in England; castles and rolling hills in Scotland… During her travels, Kate will have opportunity to quiz locals in several countries about their wedding traditions and hopes to attend a few weddings.

     Kate will be traveling with her sister, Christina, who is a photographer starting her own business called Reflections By Christina. Christina is also a cosmetologist (we call her the Queen of Updoes because she once dressed 6 women’s hair in 2 1/2 hours for a wedding.) We are excited to introduce her to you because we hope to convince her to be a guest blogger. You will love getting to know her. To check out her blog and see some of her photos, visit

     Stay tuned for informative and entertaining posts from several countries (and Kingdoms!) including the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the Uk and more! It is our delight that we will be able to gather many creative ideas from all over Europe and translate these into the events we plan and coordinate. Europe is the fashion center of the world and we are excited to share with you our experiences in this area, as well. If you are curious about a specific topic, leave us a comment and we do our best to write about it in a blog post. There will be many stories to tell. Look for lots of photos of historic buildings, rustic scenery, castles and moats, and old-time romance.



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