Baffled by Bridesmaid Dresses?

Bridesmaid dresses. It’s so much fun to go shopping with your attendants to find the beautiful dresses they will wear as they join you on your special day. There are so many styles and colors that almost any look you imagine can be found.
One thing that can make the decision more difficult if you want a consistent look for your ‘maids is if there several different body types and skin tones in the group. They try on style after style: a-line, mermaid, short, long, but nothing seems to work for everyone. Your friends also try on hue after hue in your favorite colors, only to find that it doesn’t quite suit everyone.
If this is your dilemma, or you know someone who is caught in this conundrum, we have a few tips to help you find dresses for everyone.
Generally, there are one or two styles of dresses that really show off a particular body type. However, there are a couple that look good on, well, pretty much all body types. One of these is the empire waistline. It is the one where the waist is right underneath the bust and the rest of the dress floats away from the body. It can be very flattering for ladies of a larger frame and ladies who are pear shaped, yet it still looks good on slender and petite gals. Depending on your ‘maids, you could choose an empire waistline that is close cut to the top part of the waist. As long as you make sure the neckline is high enough, the style works well whether a woman is busty or small-chested. We suggest that a scoop neck is the safest, but you can try on different necklines for your particular group. One shoulder styles are quite in vogue right now and most ladies can wear them. A three-quarter length sleeve or a medium strap will also usually work for all body types. Either a skirt ending at the knee (or slightly above) or a full length skirt will look good on most women. If some of your bridesmaids feel self-conscious about their calves, a long skirt provides a more formal, elegant look and will help them to feel comfortable.
Regarding color, there are about three colors that look good on skin tones across the board. This is because they are a mix of warm and cool undertones. Choose a lovely shade of salmon and teal for Spring and Summer. For Winter look at navy or charcoal grey. For Fall, you could choose a shade of red that has a combination of blue and red undertones. Keep in mind, it can be tricky to choose the right shade.
Just keep these tips in mind during your next shopping excursion and they will help you find the dresses much faster and without all the angst. Happy shopping!


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