Park Kolomenkoye

     A friend took us on an excursion to one of her favorite parks, Kolomenskoye. It has a replication of an ancient wooden palace originally built in the mid-17th century by Tsar Alexey. The palace is simply stunning! I was able to snap some photos to share with you. It’s the perfect place to come take photos (just check with the park administration). There is also the option to hold weddings on the grounds or inside. Due to time restrictions, I was not able to tour the inside, but if it’s anything like the outside, it would be a marvelous venue if you happen to be getting married in Moscow. At any rate, I can recommend it as a must-see place to visit if you go to Moscow.

     In Spring, the grounds are lovely with green rolling hills and apple orchards in bloom. In fall, the leaves change colour and you can picnic on the grass near the orchard and eat fresh apples. Even in winter, it is a beautiful place to walk, especially after a new snowfall. There is a whole park to explore! Don’t miss the several beautiful and historic churches-especially the Church of the Ascension built by Vasily III in 1532.

     Of interest is a wooden house transported from St. Petersburg where Peter I stayed for two months in 1702 while overseeing the construction of the Novedinsk Fortress.

     You will also see a grove of ancient oak trees under which a young Peter I studied grammar.       

     Although anyone staying in Moscow does more than their fair share of walking, Kolomenskoye is a lovely place to take a long, slow walk with friends or with someone special. 


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