New Two-Part Series!

To make it completely official: I am back home from Europe! It was a wonderful, sometimes difficult, and very rewarding time. There was so much that I learned. In the end, the adage is true that there really is no place like home and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

Cheryl and I have been discussing a new blog set. We are so excited about this two-part series that will be a collaboration between Cheryl, Kate, and an occasional colleague.  “Before You Say ‘I Do'” will have informative posts on practical and relational aspects of preparing for a wedding. “After You Say ‘I Do'” will focus on the changes that invariably come once the knot is tied and you learn to do life with your spouse.

We have several topics in queue such as “How to Pick a Venue”, “How to Pick a Florist”, “How to Cut Costs”, “Why Premarital Counseling is a Good Idea”, and “Troubleshooting Family Issues”. Please let us know if there is an area in preparing for your wedding or adjusting to married life that you would like us to include in this series. We welcome suggestions!


We would love to hear from you!

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