How do I Cut Wedding Costs?

Most of us today have to be budget-conscious. There’s not much extra padding our pockets. The little bit have after meeting monthly expenses we try to invest in assisting others or in saving for the future. This is true also for planning weddings.

In this post, we will talk about 5 methods that couples can use to cut costs in planning their wedding. There are many ways to achieving the beautiful event you want and keep your budget on track. Here are some of the most useful ones we’ve found:

1. Hire a wedding planner.

No, this is not just a hint to hire us! Having a wedding planner is becoming increasingly necessary these days. Besides helping you with the myriad of details attending a modern wedding and relieving stress, wedding planners have  a lot of connections. We can often point you to good deals on your purchases. Vendor referrals often lead to discounts. Wedding planners can also advise you on the best way to allocate your funds so you can make sure you secure all the aspects of your wedding that are most important to you.

2. Go to bridal shows.

This is a good place to become acquainted with vendors in your area. Many of the vendors offer discounts for their services if you engage them within a certain timeframe of the show. You will want to have certain aspects of your wedding, such as the date, budget, and level of formality, settled before you go so that you have the ability to take advantage of the opportunities the show offers.

3. When making purchases for your wedding, try to find items that are not in the “wedding” section of stores.

Stores often raise their prices for wedding-related items. However, if you look for these items in the general craft area of the store, for instance, the price may be less. If you find items you like in a bridal store, see if you can find them in another type of store. They will very likely be less costly.

4. Work out package deals with vendors.

If vendors offer multiple services you need, see if you can negotiate a package deal that includes everything you want. Since the vendor is gaining more business for the same evening, you may be able to score a price that is much better than contracting separately with several businesses.

5. A layer of styrofoam in the cake.

If you want a big cake, but don’t need the larger portion to feed your guests, ask the cake baker to substitute a styrofoam layer on the bottom. It can be iced as usual and will lower the cost.

Enjoy these useful methods of cutting wedding-related costs! We hope you will profit from them. Here’s to fantastic planning and an event that is Always Yours!

Bonus: Look for bridesmaid dresses in department stores, especially on off-seasons when the dresses are marked down. If you are feeling especially brave, look online. There are some unique dresses for excellent prices you can find…just order extra early and make sure they are returnable in case they don’t fit.


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