What Kind of Bride are You?

Today I am re-posting from yesteryear. There are so many helpful bits of information in this that I want to allow newly engaged couples to have a chance to gain from it as the wedding planning begins. It’s especially pertinent for a bride that’s trying to figure out what she wants and why. Without further ado, please enjoy this post from May, 2014.


     Dreaming about your upcoming wedding can evoke heartfelt emotions of excitement and happiness.  As you go through the process, you may find new strengths and face unexpected challenges.  Understanding how you approach the myriad of decisions on your wedding journey can provide helpful and encouraging insight.  So, what kind of bride are you?


     The Take Charge Bride: This is the bride who knows exactly what she wants from her dress, flowers, and ceremony to her cake, reception, and decor.  Organized, she has a timetable planned out as to what needs to be done month-by-month, week-to-week, and day-to-day. She excels at calling and following up with all her vendors and has all the details, small and large, taken care of. Confident that all is under control, she plans everything herself and uses a wedding planner as a resource on an hourly basis to help troubleshoot concerns or provide advice.  She chooses a rehearsal and wedding day director to make sure she can enjoy all of her hard work and delight in being the bride on her special day.

     The Enthusiastic Bride: This bride is excited about getting married and having her dream wedding. Attending bridal shows, having bridal showers, and sharing her joy with family and friends are among her delights. She often begins planning the details of her big day, but may become overwhelmed and confused as to what direction to take with all the choices and opinions available.  This bride wants her wedding to reflect her and her groom, but isn’t sure how to do this. Help for this bride includes a wedding coordinator and planner who can assist the bride with sorting through the details, determining what style is best, and connecting the couple with the vendors most suited to their budget and style. She also retains the wedding coordinator to help with the rehearsal and wedding day to make the day as seamless as possible.

     The Busy Bride: A busy bride is often a go-getter, works many hours, and has much responsibility.  Lacking time to plan a wedding, she still wants her wedding to reflect her and her groom. A busy bride wants to have everything taken care of so she can focus on her other obligations.  Therefore, she chooses a wedding coordinator and planner to handle all the details of her special day. Staying in touch via phone, texts, and e-mails to give her opinion about colors, styles, and other decisions allows her to have input and make choices when desired.

     The Enjoy the Journey Bride: This bride plans the majority of her wedding, but wants to enjoy fully the month prior to her wedding with minimal stress. Having all decisions made, vendors hired, and invitations sent, she turns the last few details over to a wedding coordinator. She takes the last weeks prior to her wedding to spend time with people most important in her life, attend bridal showers, take time to get her new home ready, and have a much needed massage and spa day. Knowing her rehearsal and wedding day are in the capable hands of her coordinator, she spends the majority of her time basking in the company of her groom, family, and friends.

     Regardless of what kind of bride you are, it is our honor and pleasure at Always Yours Occasions to assist you with your wedding according to your desires and needs. Here’s to having a wedding that is Always Yours!


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