The Bridal Party- A Support System

It’s a beautiful feeling to have the support of one’s best friends throughout the wedding planning process. The big day itself and the ones after it also need the input of trusted friends and mentors. However, I have observed that it seems fewer and fewer young men and women (often those under 30 years old) know what comes with the honor of being in the wedding party. This is particularly true when asked to be the maid/matron of honor or the best man. An attendant who knows what to do and who can truly be a support is crucial in these two roles.

For instance, a best man might realize that he has the responsibility of planning the groom’s bachelor party and handing him the bride’s ring during the ceremony. Yet, he probably hasn’t heard that the best man should be prepared to dance with the maid/matron of honor if she is unescorted, and potentially other unescorted ladies.

A maid of honor is probably tickled pink to be planning one of her best friend’s bachelorette parties. She may not know that she may be asked to sign the marriage certificate along with the best man as a witness. She will also have the responsibility of collecting gift envelopes brought to the reception and keeping them safe until she can give them to the bride and groom.

If you are planning your wedding and have members of the bridal party that seem unsure of what to do or are stepping outside of what you want them to do, it may be helpful to sit down individually with your bridal party members and talk about the role you want them to play in the wedding. Go over individual responsibilities for before the wedding and for the wedding day. To promote a cohesive, unified group, a meet and greet prior to the rehearsal to introduce members of your bridal party to each other is a fun way to get everyone on the same page. Your bridal party is a support system for you. Sometimes, your attendants may need to know specifically what you want and need so they can be there for you as a team.

As always, we’re here to help. We offer a free initial consultation and several package options including A La Carte sessions. We would be honored to partner with you to take the stress off your big day so you can relax and enjoy it with your family and friends. Contact us at 865.771.7771 or to schedule an appointment!


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