It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for a Proposal



The holidays are filled with the hustle and bustle of trimming the tree, Christmas parties, driving around to look at the beautiful decorations, and reflecting on the reason we celebrate Christmas. Because this is a favorite and joyful season, many feel it’s the perfect time to pop the question and seal it with a ring. If that’s you, here are some tips for making your proposal memorable.

Timing is everything. Choose a time to make sure you both can focus on each other and the moment. If you are planning on proposing on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, consider what time and where would be best amidst the celebrations.

The right environment is an important factor in setting the right atmosphere. Would it be better to pop the question inside or outside? Would the place you met be appropriate? Is there an activity, you both enjoy and do together that could culminate in the proposal? Does the location you are considering have an area that could become a cherished place for the two of you? Does it have natural beauty? If not, when allowed by the venue, you can bring in strings of lights or candles, flowers, and other items to create a romantic atmosphere.  Music can add to the ambiance via Pandora, CD, or live with a band. If you have musical talent, consider serenading her with a love song.

Some gals like to be proposed to with friends and family, some with a larger crowd, and some with just the two of you.  Check with the bride-to-be’s family and friends to find out what will be most special to her. Decide if  you want your proposal to be followed by or include an engagement party, be a private time, or be part of your holiday festivities and gift giving time.

How will you propose? Your engagement is a unique moment tailored for you as a couple. Think about your posture–will you stand, sit, or get down on one or both knees? What will you say? Is she the type that would enjoy a poem, a song, or card, handmade or bought, as part of the proposal? Why do you love her? What are your favorite things about her? Including specifics about the woman you want to be your wife makes it personal. Though you may be nervous, sincerely considering your wording goes a long way in communicating the worth and value you place on the woman you love. She will be the love of your life for the rest of your life.

We encourage you to take time to reflect, pray, and plan a proposal that the two of you will always remember. Need ideas? We can help! We do proposal planning, and can help you set the stage with a beautiful atmosphere. We can also give you ideas, and if desired, follow up your proposal with an engagement party. Call us today at (865) 771-7771 or email us at, and create a holiday proposal that inspires you to say it truly is the most wonderful time of the year for a proposal!

Here’s to a proposal that is Always Yours!


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