Want to Book Musicians for your Wedding? Here’s some helpful tips.

David Platillero Profile Pic
     Live music at a wedding is a must have for some brides and grooms.  A sense of happiness and rich ambiance occurs when experiencing great musicians playing together.  So we interviewed David Francisco Platillero, a local, talented musician who creates and produces fresh and engaging music. We asked him what booking and playing weddings is like from a musician’s perspective. If you are planning on booking musicians for your wedding or event, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. What would you say is most helpful to discuss with potential clients when booking a wedding?
What they want the ceremony to look like. It’s all about them.

2. What information do you need in order to book a wedding?
Location, time, do I need to be at the rehearsal, pay, music/style.

3. Anything you would like to share with our readers about live music at weddings?
It should be out of the way and classy, not flashy.

4. When you are playing at an event, what do you need to be able to set-up?
It depends on what they want. Many times a portable PA system can be used.

5. What is your favorite part of playing at a wedding?
Creating a memory for people.

6.  What’s been the hardest thing about playing at a wedding?
You’re out in the open when you’re playing. Everyone is silent, so every note can be heard. You can’t mess up.

7. What should clients expect from musicians at their wedding? (For
example, are you willing to do announcements, how often do you need to
take a break, etc.?)
I enjoy doing announcements and really anything they want, I’ve MC’d and been the DJ even. Should be discussed, but not assumed.

8. Is there anything you would say to your fellow musicians about playing at a wedding versus another event?

Just do what they want. It’s about them 🙂

On a personal note:

1. How did you get into the music business?
I played for a long time, then realized I could make money by playing!

2. How would you describe your musical style?
Soul/rnb/singer songwriter
3. Where does your inspiration come from?
Life and experiences
4. Ideally, how far out should clients book you to do a wedding?
A month at least.
5. Can you play (within reason) a wide range of music for clients or do you specialize in a particular genre?
WIDE range. Classical piano to funk with full band and electric guitar, to singer-songwriter.

6. Do you have different packages for events?
Yes, depending on if I bring in a full band or just do a solo set.

You can learn more about David’s music and book events at http://www.davidfranciscomusic.com and follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/davidfranciscomusic.

One tricky area when playing music is that of copyrights. You will want to check State and Federal laws regarding playing music at your wedding. According to our research, playing music during a wedding, live or otherwise, especially at a church, is permitted without requiring a copyright license as it is not a public event. However, we are not legal advisers and cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this. Your venue, musician, or videographer may need to acquire a license for the music they use or allow if it not their own or if the wedding is in a public place where other people not invited to the wedding can hear the music. This article by Triangle Minister may be helpful in wading through this rather tricky topic.

Some musicians may require more lead time when booking a wedding so we encourage couples to book as early as possible. Equipment needs may vary from musician to musician. We recommend you take time to show the musicians where you want the group to set up and make sure there are plenty of available outlets. Be up front and honest about all the details of your event, especially regarding the venue, that are pertinent for your musicians. If you are thinking of including live music at your wedding ceremony or reception we hope these tips will be helpful. Here’s to a wedding that is Always Yours!


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