10 Honeymoon Planning Tips to Make Your Honeymoon Fabulous

Always Yours Beach

Congratulations and Best Wishes! You’re Married!  You’ve had a wonderful wedding, and great reception, and now you are on your way to what you are hoping is your dream honeymoon!

Here are some honeymoon planning tips to help you prepare for fabulous time together:

1. Consider what each of you wants when you plan your honeymoon. It’s often a good idea for each of you to write down where you want to go, how much adventure or sight seeing you desire, and how much time you would like just to relax and be together. It’s usually a good idea to include both time to get some much needed refreshment and rest from all the wedding preparation, and to include some unique adventure that will give lasting memories to cherish for the rest of your lives.

2.   Start setting aside money each month to use specifically for your honeymoon. This is the beginning of your lives together as a married couple. The days following the wedding are crucial, and having time to just enjoy being together without the stress and strain of jobs and daily life is valuable. Determine a honeymoon budget which will help you decide on what style of honeymoon you want and can afford.

3. Consider the time of year you are getting married. Is it near spring break? Is it hurricane season? Look up events that may be happening where you want to go to find out how crowded it may be at that time of year.

4. How much vacation time do you have at work? Honeymoons don’t have to be long, but taking at least a few days to splurge and create great memories is worth it. Set the stage for your marriage with some meaningful and quality time.

5. Make sure whatever type of honeymoon you choose, to let those you book with know this is your honeymoon. There are often extra perks and courtesies for honeymoon couples.

6. If you are planning on flying, check to see when you can use frequent flyer miles or credit card points. If you plan wisely, you can often get free or reduced airfare.

7. Make sure your bride uses her maiden name when booking travel. It takes time to get name changes taken care of and to get your marriage recorded by the county clerk.

8. Plan and reserve early. Accommodations and flights fill up quickly.

9. Many couples choose to spend their wedding night at their new home, and leave for their honeymoon a day or two later. Weddings can be exhausting, and having a day or two of down time often makes the rest of the honeymoon even more special. Another perk is that often you can get better pricing and get more on your budget by shifting your getaway a day or two later.

10.  In addition to taking the most important trip of your life together, if at all possible, plan to have time together in your new home to enjoy life several days prior to returning to work. This is the time to implement the day-to-day choices you spent time discussing in those premarital counseling sessions. Taking time to lay a great foundation for your daily lives and how you will orchestrate life together is a wise investment of your relationship.

Have a wonderful honeymoon!


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