What Style of Honeymoon is Best?

Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes. A week at the beach, 5 days sightseeing, 3 days in the mountains hiking and exploring, or 3 days enjoying shows and having downtime plus 4 days at home-what is important is that it suit you and provide you with a good start in your marriage.

A honeymoon is a great time to begin to adjust to being married. It’s when you learn new things about one another, and set up patterns of relating as a married couple, both to each other and as a team to other people. Often people consider their honeymoon trip to be the most important one in their married lives.  Yet many people don’t spend much time planning the days and weeks following the wedding, nor allow time to get used to their new life together.

Even if it is only a few days, taking time for a honeymoon allows you to unwind following your wedding and spend time as a couple. Honeymoons are unique and finding the right fit for you is worth considering and talking about with each other.


Here are several styles of honeymoons that may help you have the honeymoon of your dreams.

     The All Inclusive Honeymoon meaning all meals, accommodations, tips, fees, and amenities are included. When you get there you can, “Leave your wallet at home,” and be free to enjoy your time without worrying about additional expenses. While these honeymoons may initially seem a little pricey, by the time you add on your food, drinks, tips, and an excursion or two, the price is more than reasonable, and in some cases equal or less in price to other styles of honeymoons. Plus, you get excellent quality of service so you truly can enjoy your time together.

Resorts are another honeymoon option. Resorts usually include apartment style accommodations with bed, bath, living room, and kitchen. Actual cost of your room initially may be less pricey than an all inclusive package, but you do have to add on all your meals and extras. Since you have a kitchen, you can choose to prepare some or all of your meals. Many resorts have complimentary or reduced price tickets to area attractions.

Hotel rooms and Bed and Breakfast Inns are a third option range in price, and depending on what you choose can be less expensive as far as your room. However, you will have to eat out for meals,  though many places offer a breakfast buffet. All other expenses are added on, so plan carefully to cover the extras.

Destination honeymoons. Many couples want to go somewhere extra special for their once-in-a-lifetime trip. What many people don’t realize is that destination honeymoons and weddings can be similar in price, or in some cases less, to what they would pay for the average honeymoon and/or wedding.

When you consider the average cost of a wedding is $25,000 with venue, caterer, flowers, favors, and the list goes on and on, a destination wedding and honeymoon may be very appealing often at a fraction of this cost for those who are drawn to smaller weddings. Additional perks to a destination wedding and honeymoon include time to spend with your family and friends who come a day or more prior to your wedding.  Everyone gets a great vacation and you have an experience you won’t capture any other way. A destination honeymoon and/or wedding is often very appealing to those who desire a private and secluded experience.

For those who are interested in a destination honeymoon or wedding, there is a partnership between the Association of Bridal Consultants and Sandals that has exclusive deals. As a member of ABC, we can help you book Sandals Weddingmoons. They often offer specials through the ABC partnership. One current package is if you stay 3 nights, the basic wedding package is free. If family and friends come to your destination wedding and book 5 rooms, the 6th is free* so you could have a free honeymoon. Contact us at (865) 771-7771 or visit our website to learn more about honeymoon planning.


Happy Honeymoon Planning!   Make it Always Yours!

*Dependent on time of year. Other packages with free rooms also available.


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