The Best Way to Start Your Wedding Planning

As wedding planners and coordinators, we have seen a variety of weddings. When brides begin planning, it can be a little daunting. Where do I start? How do I begin? What can help bring all the details of the wedding together seamlessly? I am going to give you some tips of the trade.

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There are many decisions to make in a wedding journey-the choice of venue, flowers, décor, wedding party attire, groom’s attire, wedding dress, etc. When it’s all put together, the look can be cohesive and beautiful with everything seeming to fit together perfectly or it may reflect an element or two that didn’t quite blend with the rest of the choices. So, where do you start to lay the foundation for your desired wedding look?

The first basic decision to make for your wedding is the level of formality. This is where you determine the mood, the atmosphere, the feel for your wedding. Are you and your groom the type who like to get dressed up and want to shine among family, friends, and colleagues dressed to-to-the-nines in an elegant, regal setting? Do you prefer a small, intimate celebration with only a few family and friends wearing casual clothing at a family home or yard? Do you want an event with a warm, inviting feel that reflects your love for each other surrounded by many friends and family in dressy, casual attire? Do you want a refreshing, delightful ambiance filled with a sense of anticipation and celebration with people in dresses and suits? Do you prefer the natural look, do you want to have a gorgeous up-do and fabulous over-the-top makeup, or are you somewhere in between? These decisions will help you form the foundation of your day so your choices will come together for a beautiful wedding day look.

We’ll briefly touch on three levels of formality in this post. Weddings can be informal, semi-formal, or formal. First, let’s talk a little about what makes a wedding informal. Informal weddings often have a relaxed atmosphere with lots of time to spend in conversation between the wedding party and the guests. There may or may not be a strict following of wedding traditions. The bride and groom may each choose to have only one or two attendants. Many destination weddings are informal.

Formal weddings, on the opposite end,  generally follow wedding traditions and etiquette closely. The atmosphere is very classy and elegant. The bride and groom typically have four or more attendants each. Guests will likely wear black tie formal attire such as tuxedos, suits, and long, formal dresses.

Semi-formal weddings are in between informal and formal weddings. Wedding traditions and etiquette are still likely to be important to the couple and the ambiance is  inviting with an air of expectation and celebration. Usually the couple will have four attendants each or more. Guests will often wear more elegant attire such as cocktail dresses and business suits.

We hope this helps demonstrate how the level of formality sets the tone for your wedding and creates a consistent feel while simplifying your decision making process.

Until next time, happy planning! It’s your wedding. Make it Always Yours!


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