How to Choose the Level of Formality

In the previous post, we talked about level of formality as one of the best ways to start and guide your wedding planning. For this post, let’s go over a few things to consider when deciding on the level of formality.

The first is your budget. Formal weddings tend to be the most expensive because of added details and high quality services and products. If you have a tight budget, it would be very difficult to carry out a formal wedding with a formal reception. Informal weddings often are the least expensive because they can be more simple and relaxed and the cost of rentals or wedding related items tends to be less. Venues that have an informal style also are often less expensive than formal ones. Semi-formal weddings are in between formal and informal weddings in cost.


Next, consider the style or theme of your wedding if you have one. Certain themes and styles lend themselves naturally to a specific level of formality. For instance, if you are planning an outside wedding, the level of formality typically is informal to semi-formal. If you are planning on a “Cinderella” style with ballroom dancing in a beautiful indoor venue, it would range from semi-formal to formal. Specific elements create a more unique and relaxed setting while others are grand in scale. These include lighting, table settings, and decor. Some flowers chosen, such as orchids and calla lilies may be considered to be more formal, while others, like Lilies of the Valley and daisies, may be whimsical.

Gina and Todd Ceremony Kiss

The Carriage House, a local venue in East TN.

Another key to determining the level of formality is the time of day the wedding and reception take place. Informal weddings are usually in the morning or afternoon and semi-formal to formal weddings are later in the day. Reception timing can play a large part in determining the correct attire to wear and thus whether you want the wedding to be informal, semi-formal or formal.

The ideal venue is also something to consider. Some venues lend themselves to an informal or more intimate wedding and others are grander, more opulent. For instance, a home can be a sweet and beautiful venue. Home weddings are usually informal to semi-formal because they are smaller in size and relaxed in atmosphere. Grand ballrooms and Country Clubs would dictate at the least semi-formal, and likely a formal occasion.

Often the most important decision for the bride is her wedding day look. The length of the dress, fabric, silhouette and various elements all contribute to determining the level of formality of a dress. Make-up styles can vary from the more natural look to dramatic. Because there are many details that combine to make a wedding day look, we’ll give this topic its own post.

Today, we’ve talked about how your budget, style or theme, timing the wedding takes place, and venue all must be considered as you are choosing the level of formality for your wedding. These give you a broad vision for your wedding so that, once you know if you want it to be formal, informal, or somewhere in between, you have a guideline to make all the individual choices in each area more easily.

Questions? We’ll be happy to talk with you. Contact us to set up a free initial appointment to see how we can help make your occasion always yours and free you to enjoy the day without all the stress.



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