Wedding Day Apparel-Groom’s Edition

We’ve talked about brides’ wedding day apparel, but what about grooms’? Never fear, we’re about to do just that. To address this topic, we have the great pleasure to introduce Jeff Michaels with Prestige Tuxedo. Jeff before and he spoke at our recent Bride and Groom Night Out regarding men’s fashion. He has kindly agreed to be a guest blogger and share that information with you, dear readers, as well. With no further ado, meet Jeff!

So, you are getting married and you are in need of a suit, a tux, something to put on the ole groom! Where does one begin, when selecting the wedding attire of the men in a wedding party? Your wedding day is special, holy, set apart. You want your wedding day to reflect the significance and importance of this set-apart day. No matter the theme, you want to do something out of your routine, but reflecting your unique personalities.

Even more so today, men are aware and engaged in the fashions of this festive day. We are always looking for ways to express our personal styles through any special occasion, especially one so intimate as our wedding day.

So where does one go from here? Do you rent, buy, or even borrow? Listen, it’s your day make it reflect you! Always keep in mind your budget and theme when selecting your style. Often, renting is the best option when looking for a unified look with a reasonable cost. This being said, most places will work out special promotions and give full suit or tux packages to accommodate you. On to the styles!

When it comes to tuxedos, many immediately think of classic black. Tuxedo styles are always refining. But really there is a huge variety of styles and fits to meet your preference. From fitted to classic, the rental industry will try to meet all needs. The trending styles lean towards a fitted, almost tailored look. Some of the most popular wedding tuxedos are varying shades of grays as well as tans. We can’t forget to mention navy and shades of blue as a growing look, but we always encourage the couple to make the suit reflect who they are. Maybe that means mixing colors to push the fashion barrier and do something unique.

Two Jackets

Whatever it is you choose, it’s your day and should reflect you. My only personal recommendation is that the groom should coordinate with the bride. Our beautiful brides spend a lot of money on this once-in-a-lifetime gown. I don’t recommend guys rolling in to the alter like they just rolled out of bed. Though the casual trend has its place in certain venues, you want to make this day special and you definitely want to look back and see a consistent trend or theme for the day. You want to reflect two families becoming one.

In regards to the season in which you get married, here are couple of thoughts. Spring is always a strong contestant, but Fall has truly become a popular time to get married. Especially with the beautiful landscapes of East Tennessee, there is something for everyone. Both Fall and Spring will see a blend of formal and casual looks – as I call it “formasual.” This time of year you can do the classic tux, or spin it with a suit look. It’s your day, it’s up to you! Summer weddings are typically more casual, for example, opting for suspenders and jeans or just a vest and jeans. Winter weddings often lean towards a classic look, being a little more formal.

Our goal in the rental industry is to see the dreams of couples, couples like you reading this, come to fruition on that special day. The most important thing is at the end of the day, the couple is happily married. We are so appreciative to just be part of something so great. So no matter the style whether, formal or “formasual,” make it your day, set apart from every other day!

    Many thanks to Jeff for sharing his experience with men’s current trends this year. Since we’ve been talking so much on the level of formality, let me note that a tuxedo is generally more formal than a suit. Both can be paired with vests and have long and short variations of the jacket. The type of material a suit or tux is composed of may affect which season it is suitable for; lighter fabrics are often for Spring and Summer, heavier fabrics for Fall and Winter. The type of fabric can also have a role in how formal the suit or tux is. A tuxedo is distinguished by satin lapels and a matching satin stripe down the trousers. It may also be worn with a cummerbund instead of a vest.

Black Tuxedo Cotton Boutonniere

     Thanks for joining us today!



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