Fall Trends for Wedding Flowers

Every bride has an idea of what she wants her wedding day to be. The look on her groom’s face, the guests who have come to share her day, her family, and the beauty of the ceremony and reception sites all lend to the beautiful memories she will share. To reach that point, there are many decisions to be made- what venue to choose, what gown fits her dream, and which decor and flowers to make the day festive an unique to the her and her groom. Today, we’re going to focus on floral arrangements so if you are still in the planning process for this and need a few ideas, stay tuned!

Recently, Cheryl stopped by Melissa Timm Designs to talk about Fall floral trends. According to Melissa, “The trends for fall include two looks: (1) muted champagne blush with eggplant or cranberry, and (2) traditional Fall with a flair-yellow sunflowers with pops of orange and hot pink.”

Here are some photos taken at Melissa’s shop for weddings she was working on that include elements of current Fall trends.




Flowers are such a beautiful part of many couples’ wedding day. This year’s Fall trends are absolutely stunning! They include a good deal of contrast in color and styles which allows them to pop and make a statement or to provide beauty in an understated way. Regardless of what you choose, enjoy finding the bouquets and centerpieces that are just right for your special day.

Happy Planning!  It’s your wedding. Make it Always Yours!





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